Hello.everyone.it is really good to see you here.i am.....,comefromchina.this is my first time to this beautiful country ,,i am so delightedtohave the opportunity to be here with you guys .i just finished my study inhighschool ,and i would like to further my study here.but my english is notthatgood ,i need your help .anyway ,i hope we can enjoy ourselves beingtogether.thank you

general introduction

I am a third year master major in automation at shanghai jiaotonguniversity, p. r. china. with tremendous interest in industrial engineering,iam writing to apply for acceptance into your ph.d. graduate program.

education background

I entered the nanjinguniversity of science & technology (nust) --widely considered one of thechina’s best engineering schools. during thefollowing undergraduate study, myacademic records kept distinguished among thewhole department. i was grantedfirst class prize every semester,in 1999, i gotthe privilege to enter thegraduate program waived of the admission test.

At the period of my graduate study, my overall gpa(3.77/4.0) ranked top5%in the department. in the second semester, i became teacher assistant thatisgiven to talented and matured students only. this year, i won theacerscholarship as the one and only candidate in my department, which istheultimate accolade for distinguished students endowed by myuniversity.presently, i am preparing my graduation thesis and trying for thehonor ofe_cellent graduation thesis.


My name is ___. I am graduate from __ senior high school and major in __.There are __ people in my family. My father works in a computer company. And mymother is a housewife. I am the youngest one in my family.

In my spare time, I like to read novels. I think reading could enlarge myknowledge. As for novels, I could imagine whatever I like such as a well-knownscientist or a kung-fu master. In addition to reading, I also like to play PCgames. A lot of grownups think playing PC games hinders the students fromlearning. But I think PC games could motivate me to learn something such asEnglish or Japanese.My favorite course is English because I think it isinteresting to say one thing via different sounds. I wish my English could beimproved in the ne_t four years and be able to speak fluent English in thefuture.


Hello every one,

First let me introduce myself. My name is ___, __ years old. i am from_x_x_x_a beautiful city in henan province. it is famous as the "capital of x_x_"and enjoy yhe honer that lx_x_x_peony is the best in the world.

______ played a very important role in chinese history. so it has aprofound cultural background and many great heritagesites have been wellreverved. such as longmen grotto, one of the three grottoes in china ang whitehorse temple, being regarded as the cradle of chnese buddhism.

______ peony is world-famous. every year, many tourists travel to ______ tosee the beauty of peony .the people in my hometown are friendly, they welcomethe travellers from all over the world.

I like my hometown very much.

I am very glad to be here for this interview. I graduated from ______College in July, ____ and major in finance. Then, I was a teacher in abc, When Iwas a senior school student, I am interested in thought and began to read acertain classic work of Mar_ism, especially I finished reading “the florilegiumof Mao ZeDong”. From then on, I have dabbled in more and more theoretical worksand accumulated great interests in theory study, especially in Mar_ism.

I have a dream, a dream of my study. I wish devote my whole life and energyinto the development of the Mar_ism. If I have the opportunity to study in abcUniversity, I’ll dabble in as much as document about the specialty as possible.If it is possible, I want to get the primary accomplishment in my major, atleast, a stable basis.

Personally, for today’s China, the first task to the development of Mar_ismis a process of construction. That’s to say, we should understand Mar_ism mostlyfrom the aspect of construction and development of social society. Only when oursocialistic country has a more rapid and balance development than thecapitalistic, we can enhance the attractiveness and persuasion of Mar_ismeventually.

Thank you !


I am ___. I was born in Changsha. I graduate from senior high school andmajor in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. Myparents have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problemcommunicating with Americans or others by speaking English.

In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such aslistening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or evenattending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to goabroad for a short- term English study. During that time, I learned a lot ofdaily life English and saw a lot of different things.

I think language is very interesting. I could e_press one substance byusing different sounds. So I wish I could study and read more Englishliteratures and enlarge my knowledge.


My name is __, this year's _ years old, from __, I am honored to be able toparticipate in the __ recruitment interview. I was a more cheerful character wholikes to listen to music, see movies, and friends during their spare timeplaying baseball, is more like a busy person. Character of his own strong senseof responsibility at work, I will be very seriously treat their work, theUniversity, I was in the class served as the organization members and the groupsecretary for the school and the work of the class I will try to complete, heorganized his classmates to go out barbecue, organized the Department's welcomeparty, these activities are tempered by their own people largely interpersonaland communication skills, if they had the opportunity to enter the __ and nodoubt will be faster integration into, and the to do their job.

As a fresh college students, the most difficult is the role of workpractice changes and e_ercise capacity, their part-time to go out in times ofpeace, did promotions in supermarkets have been in sales this year, recommendedby a counselor internship in the school's Dean of the 2 months, perhaps otherinterviewers work e_perience than I do, but I believe they have the ability towork __.

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