Good morning!My name is _. It is my great honor to be here for thisinterview. I graduated from _ University. The deeper knowledge I have minedduring undergraduate studies, the more interested I am in Finance.

During my sophomore year and junior year in college, I had passed the testsof _ and _ and got the qualifications separately. For a more targetedlearning, I choose your honorable school to further my professionalknowledge.

I had organized many activities, for example: _ and _ when I was anundergraduate student. During these activities, I was mainly responsible forlogistics and budget because I am prudent. I am also good at logical thinkingand have a solid foundation of math, so I choose to start the second degree ofthem. In my spare time, I also read some articles about Accounting andFinance.They’re all very useful and helpful for my study.

If I am enrolled, I will spare no efforts to acquire knowledge and improvemyself; if not, which means I have more reasons to strengthen myself.

That is my self-introduction, and thanks for your time again!


Good morning everyone.my name is song _x,i am _ years old .i e fromluoyang,a very beautiful aicent city.my undergratuade period will be acplishedin chang"an university in july ,20_;and now,i am trying my best for obtaining akey to tongji university.

Generally speaking ,i am a hard working student especially do the thing iam interested in. i will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is.when i was sophomore, i found web design very interesting, so i learned it veryhard . to weaver a homepage for myself, i stayed with my pesonel puter for halfa month.,and i am the first one in my class who own his homepage. For thermore,iam a person with great perserverence. during the days preparing for the firstexamination,i insist on running every day, no matter what the weather waslike.and just owning to this,i could concentrate on my study and succeeded inthe end.

well ,in my spare time ,i like basketball, tennis and chinese chess. alsoenglish is my favorate.i often go to english corner to practise my oral englishon every thursday,and write positions to improve my witten ability .but i knowmy english is not good enough ,i will continue studying.


hello!i am a college _ _ _ university graduates, benefited from strongschool learning, innovation atmosphere, melting of which i became a versatilepersonnel.i am honest and trustworthy, tranquil.preferred college, contemporaryliterature, zhang ailing, zhang xiaoxian, baby anne, etc. some of my favoritewriters, and their collected works fro i'd also seen enough.university for fouryears so i thought and knowledge, have been further psychological growth.

teacher professional learning in my school and teacher skills throughprofessional training, testing, practice live ammunition when they give thestudents a dozen years on the court's language lessons, or feel good verbalability.however, since i think my writing skills more than verbal skills.sincethe sixth grade, there had been the habit of keeping a diary, and occasionallythere is the delight, i would write a small article in practice your pen,

i am in serious hard work in learning, professional knowledge in themastered the basis of this, not forgetting to expand their knowledge, curricularknowledge on a broad and a relatively wide range.i am still learning theimportance of english, and constantly strive to expand vocabulary, englishcommunication ability and has made substantial progress.meanwhile, in order toenhance their overall quality, i actively participate in various activities,these experiences made me realize the importance of unity and cooperation, butalso learned a lot socially expertise to improve the experience, this will joinme in the future the community will play an importanteffect.

i also love poetry readings, and my thesis project topic is "on the" thirdgeneration "the pursuit of poetry," read by nearly one year to collect data andspecific writing, that makes me the last time at the university ofpioneer ofmodern understanding of poetry is more comprehensive.overall, i think i wasfully in line from your company clerk recruitment network requirements - "goodwriting, expression, and appreciation of the article."possible, now i do nothave much experience, but i was young, learning ability, and are willing tostudy hard, i fully believe that you can work this job!so, in this, i lookforward to your company give me a platform to show their talent, i would begrateful, and the development of building blocks for your company!


My name is _x , and I will graduate from Xi’an FanYi University in theyear __, My major is secretary in English department.

It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to improve our mutualunderstanding. During the three –year college study, I tried my best to learnall kinds of knowledge, and weigh the hard work of my teachers and myself; Ihave mastered English listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

Moreover, I have a good command of Business English and the basic theory,public relationship of secretary. Meanwhile, in order to enlarge my knowledge, Ialways read some newspapers and magazines about business and trade, and I usedto do some representative of business in my spare time. At the same time, Ilearnt computer skills during my summer vacation, and now I’m familiar withOffice 2000. It is my three –year college life that makes me form my lifeattitude. Also my three-year college life that makes me rich in knowledge, andit’s also my three-year college life that makes me form my life attitude.Honesty, Trust, Diligence is principle of how to be a man.

As a college graduate, I believe “where there is a will, there is a way”,and I will try my best to do a good job in my business. So I sincerely hope thatI can make a position in your company so that I can serve for the company in thefuture.


I think that since the admission, the school has to comply with the rulesand regulations, has a good ideological and moral quality, outstandingperformance. Have a strong collective sense of honor and sense ofresponsibility, adhere to the principle of practical work for things.

I thought the correct Chikunailao can have lofty ideals and great goals,the importance of personal moral cultivation, the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, helpful, concerned about national affairs.

In school, I have been studying hard and assiduously, through systematicstudy and master a solid foundation of knowledge.

After school hours, I actively participated in physical training, enhancephysical fitness, loves labor and actively participate in the school's culturaland sports activities, to participate in social practice, inherit and carryforward the spirit of arduous struggle, also participated in the school'sliterature and calligraphy Association , Enriching the after-school life, in allits aspects have been improved accordingly.

"Bao Jianfeng from Grounding out, plum blossom-to the bitter cold," Ifirmly believe that through continuous learning and efforts to become a ideals,morality, culture, and discipline of students, with outstanding achievementsmeet the challenge, for the community I am a lifetime contribution to theconstruction of the power.

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