I am the Guangdong Ocean University College of fisheries, aquaculturescience graduates.

The school formed a "hard work, truth-seeking, dedication gradually in thelong-term educational practice, innovative spirit, since admission, I have it inmind, determined to fully develop themselves in the University for four years,from the perspective of social development to improve the quality of theindividual. The university four years, I constantly improve themselves learning,diligence, and knowledge in the classroom do not understand the question, to aprofound understanding. In the hands of this on the basis of professionalknowledge, do not forget to epand their knowledge, and actively to the libraryto read all kinds of useful books, journals, especially in computerapplications, the purchase of personal computer (the combination of theory andPractice for many years I). Actively participate in the class, the CommunistYouth League school, community and other activities, and create a "and studentsinterest in Marine Science Association", these eperiences made me aware of theimportance of unity and cooperation, but also learned a lot of social knowledge,increase of eperience, I believe this to the net to join the community will playan important role.

I lively, cheerful, optimistic, and meet the challenges in life actively;love reading, outdoor activities, such as jogging, table tennis and so on. Bornin the countryside, the simple country for my simple determination of thecharacter, to develop a strong ability to adapt and hard-working spirit.

Now, I am filled with enthusiasm, ready to plunge into the reality of themelting pot, although there are many difficulties and hardships, but I firmlybelieve that college life gave me the spiritual wealth so that I can beat them.I hope you can give me a development platform, I will cherish it, and go allout, and strive for to realize the value of your life, to contribute to thedevelopment of your company.


Every leader, every colleague:

Hello ~! (bow)

My name is , from guangdong wuchuan, my personality is bright, honest, easyto get along with people; Likes playing basketball, mountain climbing andrunning. I'm very happy and very honored to join the "" this big family, notonly provides me with a growth eercise, good platform to show themselves, alsolet me have the opportunity to meet more new colleagues, new friends. - takethis, I very thank you for your leadership, thank you to give me such a goodchance at a time. (bow)

I'm new here, there are many aspects of knowledge need to everybody study,still hope in the later work we can teach a lot! I believe that through ourmutual understanding and the understanding between each other, we will not onlybecome a career go hand in hand with the struggle comrades, will become a lifelike-minded, blame friends.

And you in the end, I would like to work hard for our common cause!

Thank you all! (bow)

In English to introduce myself


Hello, I'm wang to golf international commerce promotion co., LTD., hasbeen for a week, for a new employee, I want to work in the future I have a lotof things need to learn, need to consult a lot of colleagues and leaders to, asfar as possible to the fastest time to adapt to the new environment.

Hope I can in the future work give full play to their professionalepertise, efficient finish work matters assigned by the leadership of thecompany, for China's golf tomorrow contribute an own strength.


Hello, everyone, my name is zhang wei, have been in the social work beforecame to the company for two years.

Two years is not long, but also let me out just from the school of youngand confusion, I have a certain knowledge of social work and adaptation, as wellas in the original work of losing the young should have enthusiasm and positive.I originally want to engage in margin line, decided to change a work to learn,because I think as young people should be willing to challenge myself, to engagein different industries.

So I went to the huangshan golf international commerce promotion co., LTD.,to be a customer service commissioner. Although I have are unfamiliar to theindustry, but I believe that god reward those who work hard, hard work, as longas in the later work a serious and unremitting hard work, I will adapt to andgrasp the work, become a qualified customer service commissioner, together withhuangshan golf club development, grow up together.


my name is chen,i was born in 1987 and come from the the famous scenic spot---lunshan,jiujiang.my major in university is customs declaration andinternational freight.during my study in university,i went to the training ofnational Customs fficer,cargo agent,declarant,assiatant logistician andDocumentation Specialist ,and got all the certificates.and i also win manyscholarships.i have a lot of professional knowledge which made be able to workefficiently. My individuality can be described as an honest, a strong sense ofduty, positive and passional,and work well under heavy pressure.i hope that ihad the honor to join in your company.

my name is ...i was born in1987 and I 'm from the beautiful famous jiujiangin lushan. during the time in school ,my major subject is customs declarationand international freight during the time in school I have got many kinds ofrewards, and I have passed the eanms of national Customs Officer,cargoagent,declarant,assiatant logistician and Documentation Specialist .

I am a person with rich knowledge of my major,and i am honest .I 'm alsovery hothearted ,I am vrey lively and I have strong resposibility of my job .Ican bear lots of pressure .I hope i can be a member in your company.

This is my self introduction ,thanks!

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